About Joseph West

I am a freelance VBA developer and trainer with over twenty years' experience creating custom applications. The enormous flexibility of Excel allows me to design tools which users can relate to instinctively. My goal is to provide imaginative, efficient solutions that enable users to focus on what they are best at.

I have extensive experience developing XLAM and VSTO Excel add-ins, Access VBA applications and pure Excel solutions. Experience teaching relational databases has led me to become very interested in the newly accessible Business Intelligence tools such as PowerBI. Once the reserve of IT specialists, these tools are making their way into the hands of a new generation of data-dependent decision makers.

My professional experience as a graphic designer informs good, clear design of reports, tables, infographics and PowerBI custom visuals. I'm a good communicator with well-honed demonstration & training skills. I usually provide full help diagrammed documentation, a full functional description and explanatory videos where appropriate. I am bilingual in spoken and written French.

I usually work as sole developer, on site or remotely, and I may hire other developers when necessary.